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  11 / 6 / 2006
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Media Center

The organizers of the Universal Forum of Cultures – Barcelona 2004 wish to invite representatives of local, national and international media organizations to cover the event.

In order to facilitate coverage, a range of spaces and services will be made available to media representatives. For the most part, these will be concentrated in the Media Center.

The Media Center occupies more than 2,000 square meters and is located in a building that will be one of the main focal points for Forum activities: the Barcelona International Convention Center (CCIB). Forum Dialogues will be held in the CCIB and a number of major exhibitions will also be staged there. Moreover, the CCIB is located next to the Forum Building, whose distinctive design captures the spirit of the event.

Two facilities will be located in the Media Center: 

  • A Press Center, occupying more than 800 square meters, to serve the needs of representatives of print and visual media;
  • A Radio and Television Center occupying approximately 1,000 square meters and including the equipment and services needed for audiovisual media coverage.

The Media Center is open from May 3 to September 28, 2004 (a total of 21 weeks). The accreditation period opened on December 1, 2003. More information.

Forum Press Center (FPC)

The Press Center includes a workroom with a capacity of 200 journalists, as well as all the technical facilities needed to cover the event: Internet access, printing and photocopying services, telephone services and services providing information on Forum activities.

The Press Center also includes a Documentation Center with extensive background information on the event, an area providing information and assistance to journalists, a room where press representatives can relax and take a break, and several meeting rooms. The News Service provides accredited journalists with a continuous flow of daily summaries, interviews and other information.

The press conference room, with an area of over 400 square meters, is fully equipped to meet technical requirements and also offers interpretation services.

Radio and Television Center (RTVC)

The Radio and Television Center provides services tailored specifically to the needs of audiovisual media organizations interested in covering the event. Facilities include editing booths, a radio studio and a television set. Booking services will also be offered.

The Forum Set program, whose aim is to promote the use of spaces at the Forum site as settings for radio and television programs, is managed from the RTVC.