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08 / 10 / 2003
Lula da Silva gives his support to Forum Barcelona 2004

Former union leader and current president of Brazil has made a commitment to take part in the Forum Dialogues relating to emerging human rights, social development and the struggle against poverty.

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has confirmed his support for the Universal Forum of Cultures – Barcelona 2004, which will take place in Barcelona between May 9 and September 26 next year. In the course of the 3rd International Forum on Microcredits, currently being held in Brasilia, Lula confirmed his attendance at the Barcelona event in the course of a working meeting with Mireia Belil, director of Forum Dialogues and present at the Brasilia conference. The conference is one of the pre-Forum events concerned with the dialogue on Poverty, Microcredits and Social Development, and has the aim of studying the evolution of effective instruments for fighting poverty, such as microcredits, and reinforcing these.

The Forum and Women Together have jointly organized this encounter, devoted to the system of small cash loans made to the most materially disadvantaged people to help them break out of the poverty trap, attended by Her Highness Queen Sofia and Lula da Silva, both of whom took part in the opening ceremony. These pre-Forum events are also attended by representatives of international organization, national governments, microcredit banks and international associations devoted to the promotion of peace or social development, among others.

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