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30 / 07 / 2004
Chantal Kanbiwa: «If we want to end violence we have to change north-south relations»

The Women’s World Forum staged a trial this morning in which violence was found guilty

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Video of the presentation

A popular jury that stated, “the capitalist system and patriarchy generate violence and the largest sufferers are women, children and the elderly”, found violence guilty. The play included a popular jury, a defense attorney, a prosecutor and the accused, violence, represented by an empty chair.

Once violence was accused, the judge met out the sentence. The judge said that domestic violence is the result “of the model of patriarchal domination that has condemned us to a society of the denominator and the dominated.” According to the judge, humanity has fought “to obtain ethical, democratic and progressive national models but has accepted patriarchy and this is a grave incoherency.”

The main representative of the patriarchy is the male gender and thus the judge condemned him “to fight for women’s freedom and equality and for brotherhood so that humans can live in harmony.” The judge continued, “men must refuse the survival of patriarchy by collaborating with the feminist movement, they most actively fight against sexist violence, take on domestic tasks, take on a conciliatory role in the workplace, seek models of organization based on respect and foment the freedom of sexual orientation.”

President of the tribunal, Chantal Kanbiwa, pointed out that, “If we want to end violence we have to change North-South relations. Northern countries must stop selling weapons to the South, stop exploiting the South’s natural resources which generates wars in countries that already suffer from disease.”

Prosecutor Lidia Santos explained that, “secularly, violence has been against women, although it affects everyone.” Santos explained that “every woman who is a refugee, a rape victim or an abuse victim has a first and last name and represents intense suffering that we are determined to eradicate.”

Santos explained that, “violence carries exclusion, oppression and discrimination against women simply for being female.” The prosecutor pointed out man’s domination in patriarchal society as the main cause of domestic violence. “If denomination is natural for those who defend patriarchal society why does humanity fight for equality, liberty and solidarity?” Santos asked.

Santos denounced the fact that “it was not until four days ago the UN took measures to make women’s rights human rights.” She went on to say that “crimes must be prosecuted forcefully by public power.” Santos also said that, “making a show out of the victims and violence does not question the role of men and sexism.”

Defense attorney, Javier Alonso, added that, “we need less shows and more people to press charges.” Alonso also said that there is an excess of juridical laws but “we need action from jurists and lawyers.” Alonso also announced the lack of efficiency on part of the law and international agencies such as NATO or the UN.

Alonso said, “we must judge people and not violence, we should try the patriarchy, the economic system that cause this situation and all sorts of terrorism.” Alonso said that “violence is everywhere, it comes from fear and jealousy.”