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30 / 07 / 2004
Jordi Folgado Ferrer, director general of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, \

Linked with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation since 1975, Doreen Reddy has demonstrated over the last twenty years, her commitment to the foundation's objectives to change one of the poorest zones that is the most excluded from the Hindu caste system, called the dālits, or the untouchables. Since 1994, Reddy has been the director of the woman's area of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation/Rural Development Trust (VFF/RDT).

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Doreen Reddy

As Doreen Reddy explained, the Foundation's programs in her country affect the surroundings of some two million people who live in some 1,550 towns. The foundation's actions are to better infant education, the development of women, and the eradication of poverty of the popular populations of India. Reddy reminded us that "Hindu women are discriminated against because they are women, and by the system of Hindu castes."

The division that Reddy directs has created a bank for women that encourages their incorporation into the working world, often as autonomous workers. More than 41,000 women have already benefited from the aid from this bank that is mainly supported by the donations of individuals, entities, and institutions. Thanks to the programs of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, 2,675 sanghams or woman's groups currently exist in 916 towns of the district of Anantapur that independently manage their savings and are can decide the solution to any problem that affects their community such as the increase in their income or the education of their children.

The director general of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Jordi Folgado Ferrer, stated convincingly "it is good that there are women like Doreen Reddy in this world." Folgado Ferrer explained that the help to women of the untouchable caste and the progressive eradicating of poverty "is a long process, that starts from encouraging women to have their own projects and have a certain autonomy to leave their own family environments, that can manage to be very oppressive. From the foundation, we are constantly propelling help programs according to the needs that we detect at every moment. It is more or less like a laboratory, we experiment with formulas and afterwards, bring them to the rest of society."