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30 / 07 / 2004
Marcela Lagarde: «The patriarchy is being taken apart, it is being demolished»

The Mexican representative made a historical recount of the patriarchy and said that men's great betrayal was the French revolution that excluded women from the democratic agreement.

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Marcela Lagarde, representative of Mexico, said at her intervention today at the Women's World Forum that "patriarchy is being taken apart, it is being demolished" and assured us that the only way to get away from patriarchy is through the fight of women.

According to her words in the plenary session "Men and Women: How do we move away from patriarchy?" the first `no´ from women to others is the first `yes´ to themselves." In this respect, she assured us that "the great libertarian men, revolutionaries of universal history also agreed on changing the world from the point of view of gender.

The Mexican representative pointed out that (women) "are against violence against women and for this, we should never mistreat another woman, never hit a girl, never educate women by punishing them, never denigrate the feminine world even if we disagree with something, but rather, we should value their contributions to society, solidarity, their coexistence, and their meeting together."

For this, "the fight against patriarchy started three centuries ago, with the betrayal of men from the first democratic state (the French revolution) that excluded women from the democratic pact because they didn't consider them to be citizens."

According to her opinion, women in the fight for equality "need to be gender conscious, know the history of the fights for emancipation and liberation and look to other women and discuss with them, taking into account and respecting the cultural differences."

In her intervention, she added that "we have done enough to re-educate them (men) in coexistence, and many are deaf, and continue to feel attacked when we propose an affirmative action of barely 30%, only 30%, and they still feel attacked."

The Spanish musician Ramón J. Márquez (Ramoncín) also participated in this plenary session who said, "you aren't born a man or a woman, you are born a person." According to his words, "chauvinism is lost, women are individual beings who are free to make decisions and deal, in their own way, with pain, happiness, pleasure, sadness."

When mentioning the new roles of some men in societies such as Spanish society, he assured "this new man is the one that should have always existed" and he asked "what would have happened to men throughout history if they had to wash, iron, cook, educate their children?" He concluded saying that, in this case, they would have been women.

The Dialogue “Living and Living Together: Women's World Forum" will be held at Forum Barcelona 2004 until July 31.