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31 / 07 / 2004
Elvira Altés: «We have to obtain votes and a voice for women's groups»

The Dialogue Women's World Forum ended this afternoon with the intervention of Elvira Altés, Marta Selva, and Pilar Vallugera and the reading of the Agenda 2007-Monterrey with proposals for the future in respect to women's equality

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The moderator of this closing session, Elvira Altés, was in charge of reading the document, Agenda 2007 - Monterrey that includes the primordial objectives for women. Among these objectives is the "obtaining of a voice and vote for women's groups, consolidating women's leaders, having more of a presence in the sphere of urban planning, and the inclusion of non-paid jobs for women in the GDP."

Atés also stressed other points such as "increasing the female job rate, sexual education for women, the creation of a network of the exchange of information, and for representatives of the world to comment on and generalize the laws of abolition of female circumcision." Lastly, she also stressed the need to create an educative network based on peace culture and the need to recover historic memory.

The president of the Women's Institute, Marta Selva, said "discussion never ends if this topic is dealt with." Selva added "we have revealed the big secret of patriarchy." For Selva, the exchange of women is powerful and when "when we know about another woman, we aren't afraid because we have the necessary complicity to to turn the world into a space of eros (love) and not into a world of thanatos (death)."

The moderator of Women and Civil Rights of the Barcelona City Council, Pilar Vallugera, concluded that "this dialogue wanted to give a voice to half of the world population and managed to break the western view even though all the women of the world couldn't come." We will build the future," Vallugera said.