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08 / 08 / 2004
More than 3,200 young people spend the night at the World Youth Festival camp

More than 3,200 young people slept at the campsite near the Nova Mar Bella beach the night before the opening ceremony of the World Youth Festival, which will take place this afternoon at the Forum Building. A group of about 200 boys and girls from Macedonia made up the last large contingent. Today, the young people from all over the world who are joining the Festival ľ and they number more than 10,000 ľ have already started the almost 70 activities anticipated for Sunday. All those who are accredited visitors to the Festival can participate in the workshops, talks, dialogues and activities programmed for this great gathering, which will continue until next Saturday, 14 August.

The high numbers of young people attending the Festival has resulted in an increase in the Forum's nighttime activities. The young people have been given a dinner "voucher" that can be used in various eateries around the Site, choosing from among the three menus on offer. The Festival got off to a start with nighttime activities including concerts and performances at the Forum Site, which included acts by the Orquestra BarbÚs, which attracted 1,500 spectators. Other festival-goers preferred the sounds of jazz offered by the group Tandoori de Noir, who performed in front of an audience of 500, while a third group danced to the rhythms of the disc-jockeys who played music in the Photovoltaic panel area.

It was a very normal night at the Festival Camp, located in the grounds surrounding the Forum Site, along the Nova Mar Bella beach. This morning, the camp was the setting for over 3,000 breakfasts, consisting of fruit juices, packed sandwiches and pealed fruit.

This afternoon, from six o'clock onwards, the Forum Building Auditorium will be the venue for the opening ceremony, with the participation of a group of youth leaders and representatives of the Festival organization, the president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Ernest Benach, and the mayor of Barcelona and the president of the Forum, Joan Clos.

The World Youth Festival, as has already been publicized, will bring changes to the opening hours of the Forum, with the Site remaining open until two o'clock in the morning. Tonight, as of 12 pm, a special free bus service will be inaugurated to shuttle young people attending the Festival between the Forum Site and Plaša Catalunya.