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09 / 08 / 2004
Adli Daana, secretary general of the International Palestinian Youth League: "The accusation of corruption of the palestinian administration is the work of jewish propaganda"

The Forum's "141 Questions" (91): "Young Palestinians and Israelis: is the wall changing our lives?" During his intervention, Adli Daana, secretary general of the IPYL (International Palestinian Youth League), condemned Israel's policies towards Palestine and insisted that Israel is a criminal and an anti-democratic state that should publicly apologize for what it is doing to the Palestinians. Daana also showed his admiration for Yaser Arafat and stated that the accusations of the corruption of the Palestine administration are the results of "Jewish propaganda."

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Throughout his intervention, the secretary general of the IPYL (International Palestinian Youth League), Adli Daana, condemned the politics and the construction of the wall by the Israeli government. According to Daana, the wall "has no reason to exist because it is illegal, as it was internationally recognized at the Hague Tribunal. The wall has divided the country, families, the possibility of children's education. The wall prevents the Palestinians from living a normal life and is seriously affecting our economy. 380,000 people have been isolated with the wall." In response to the question from a public participant who asked him about the help that the international community can offer to help solve the Arab-Israeli conflict, Daana called for an international boycott on Israel and stated that "it's embarrassing that the international community accepts what Israel is doing, and says that it should ask for a public apology for what they are doing to the Palestinians."

Despite some of the public interventions that dealt with the limitations of the Palestinian society to overcome the problem of terrorism and authorities┤ negligence of Palestinian youths, Daana insisted on accusing Israel for Palestine's problems.

According to Daana, a change in the direction of Palestinian politics, would not contribute to solving the problem in the Near East because Israel is the one who is guilty for building the wall and for the persecution of the Palestinians. Daana reminded us "Arafat is a democratic leader who was freely elected by his people. We will not accept that any outsider tells us who should govern us, neither the United States nor Jewish propaganda. We will not change our leader at any price." Along the same lines, he states that it is Israel "who won't let us have new elections in Palestine. If we could, we would probable change Arafat," Daana was hasty in showing his respect and admiration for the Palestinian Rais.

Daana stated that "working for peace in Palestine is a great challenge" and he asked "how can we work for peace with a wall that is being built right next to us, with tanks at the door of your house. It isn't easy to obtain peace under these conditions."

Daana believes that the wall that Sharon's government is building divides the Palestinian people in three ways: mentally, physically, and economically. In respect to the economy, the wall impedes 70% of the Palestinians, who work in agriculture from continuing with this activity. Physically, is doesn't allow for the Palestinians, especially the youths, to move freely. To cross the wall, you need authorization from the Israeli army, Daana explained, and 90% of the people who ask for it, are rejected. Psychologically, the wall is leading to "the depression and isolation of Palestinians." According to a study of the International Palestinian Youth League, 90% of the Internet pages visited by young Palestinians at cyber cafes in the city of Hebron are pages on immigrating to another country, especially to countries such as Canada, Sweden, or Australia.

Someone in the public stated that they regretted the lack of a representative from an Israeli youth organization at today's session of "141 Questions." "I've waited all day to come and participate in this open debate, and I find that here all that is being explained are the facts from one point of view." Daana, who denied commenting on this comment, said that it was the Forum's responsibility for not having an Israeli speaker. Francesc Cruanyes, moderator of the session, clarified that in the meeting of youths that is taking place during these days at the Forum, there is no youth organization from Israel present, which made the participation of one impossible at "141 Questions." Cruanyes reminded us, likewise, that the Haima has hosted other sessions in which it was possible to discuss with representatives from both communities, such as on June 26, when the "Geneva peace agreements" were discussed.