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25 / 08 / 2004
Raymond Weber, (Lux-Development Ltd.) Europe needs a cultural policy based on european values

The director of the Luxemburg Governmental Agency for development cooperation pointed at Europe’s economic and social dynamics that overlooks culture

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Raymond Weber, director of Lux-development, Ltd. pointed during the dialogue on “Cultural Rights and Human Development”: “Europe does not count on a much needed cultural policy, especially if we define the European Union as a community of values.”

During the session on Cultural Policies, Weber assured, “Political willingness to implement policies is lacking and some states refuse to hand over these cultural functions to a supra national body for fear of being harmed in their national identities.” He also stated, “The current economic and social dynamics of Europe overlooks culture.”

In his opinion, “National cultural policies based on programs and measures are facing a crisis, therefore they must be reinvented to be based on values and cultural rights, which should also be incorporated into the constitutional project of Europe.”

Patrice Meyer-Bisch, coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Institute of human Rights and Ethics of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, stated, “Cultural right is the most spiritual of all our rights and enables us to build freedom.” In his address speech he called for the inclusion of additional and more effective cultural development indicators that go beyond books and cinema ticket statistics

Likewise, Corina Suteu, expert in European cultural policy called for, “An intelligent cultural policy that links the role of individuals and of institutions.”