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28 / 05 / 2004
Miquel de Moragas: Identity and linguistic diversity are the main themes of cultural diversity

Miquel de Moragas and Maria Corominas, co-directors of the Dialogue “Communication and Cultural Diversity” have presented their conclusions before the Forum Dialogue director and UNESCO member, Elizabeth Longworth

The two co-directors of the Dialogue “Communication and Cultural Diversity”, Maria Corominas and Miquel de Moragas, have presented the conclusions of several of the conferences analyzing the concepts of identity and linguistic diversity as the principles of cultural diversity that have been held over the last three days. In this sense Moragas and Corominas explained that these concepts “are not neutral but dynamic and that from a democratic stand point could contribute towards conditions for peace”.

Promoting diversity should have challenges on a local and global level and specifically in terms of globalization “minority cultures should not have to disappear but, on the contrary we should work towards promoting them”. On a regulatory level, the two speakers explained that cultural policies are necessary to reestablish public debate in order to make society more participative. In this sense, “legislators and academics have to be committed to social needs”, added Corominas and Moragas.

Public resources should be, according to the co-directors of the dialogue, “the tool that, from a perspective of pluralism, guarantees cultural diversity with public services in mind, without this being banal, and promoting interconnectivity”. Academic institutions “should carry out critical research and work towards removing prejudice as a barrier to diversity”, added the speakers.

Miquel de Moragas invited everyone to enter into debate on the issue through the Communication Institute’s website, which belongs to the Autonomous University of Barcelona UAB (, which can be consulted as of today and which has been intended to create an educational platform providing material for professional use. Specifically, Moragas urged academics to take a critical stance and to speak out on matters within their respective disciplines.

Elizabeth Longworth, who works for UNESCO, defended the indivisibility of the terms culture and development and explained the projects that the organization is spearheading in relation to cultural diversity as the key to human dignity and linguistic diversity, considered as being the main form of achieving cultural expression and the transmission of values.

The director of the Forum Dialogues, Mireia Balil, invited the audience to follow the debate through the dialogue that will commence tomorrow, titled “Global Audiovisual Communication, Cultural Diversity and Religion”.