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09 / 06 / 2004
Ferdinando Boero: Urban development, tourism and fishing are changing the coastline

Ferdinando Boero, from the University of Lecce is the coordinator of the session on coastal economics being held as part of the 37th Congress of the International Commissions for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea (CIESM)

Ferdinando Boero, from the department of Biology at the University of Lecce in Italy has carried out a study in which he has investigated the processes affecting the coastal marine area: “the area most affected by all human activities”. For Boero the main causes that affect coastlines are: “urban development, tourism and fishing”, effects that have been studied on a geological and biological level.

In this sense Boero explained “we need to strike a balance between the tourist use of the coastal area and its protection, we cannot rid the beaches of every bit of algae as it has a function to carry out”. In addition, Boero said that CIESM is providing a network, and has even created an atlas of the marine areas protected so as to apply standard measures “given that at present there are hundreds of protected areas working to different philosophies and policies of their own”.

CIESM is also analyzing the exotic species that are appearing in the Mediterranean, coming from the Red Sea, the Atlantic and the Suez Canal. For Boero, the appearance of these species is due to how we make use of water and the seas. The negative side of human activity has to do with vessels dumping at sea, releasing organisms that could kill the eggs and larvae of some species. In this sense, Boero explained that shipping in Morocco affects the caves used by seals.