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27 / 06 / 2004
Gopal Krishna Siwhaoti: Peace cannot be imposed from Geneva nor by raising a white flag over Everest

The representative of Inhured Internacional, from Nepal, has urged for direct field work to be carried out in order to bring about peace and has also called for an international alliance to be set up for the peaceful resolution of conflicts in his participation on the closing ceremony for the Dialogue “Towards a World without Violence”

Gopal Krishna Siwhaoti, from the Inhured international organization in Nepal, this afternoon said “peace cannot be imposed from Geneva, nor by raising a white flag over Everest”, and added that it is one thing to work towards preventing wars and another thing to fight for peace”.

In his specific work proposal for peace, he spoke of the commitment from the international community, asking for war crimes perpetrators to stand trial, and went on to defend the work of UNICEF and UNESCO so that children can grow up with a peaceful outlook on life, and doing away with the profits produced by the arms trade.

In the opinion of Siwhaoti, “the profits earned from the arms trade are illegitimate profits”, which is why he has urged civil organizations to work towards the creation of a mechanism to follow up conflicts.

In his words, “the case of Pinochet has discouraged those who work in defending human rights causes, because it has been made clear that Europe and the United States have supported those who violate human rights.

Further on he called for the setting up of an international alliance to peacefully resolve conflicts, which means, addressing the structural part of the conflict, its root causes, which are at the root of the threats fading world peace”.

The closing session of the Dialogue “Towards a World without Violence” was also attended by Collin Archer, from the International Peace Bureau and Alfonso Banda, president of the Foundation for Peace, organizers of this dialogue which started on June 23 and in which 200 speakers have taken part in around 100 work sessions.