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11 / 08 / 2004
Young indigenous people present their proposals for the UN Millennium Objectives at the Forum

The document will be presented before the General Assembly of the United Nations in December of this year in order to approve its incorporation into the Millennium Objectives. Representatives of the indigenous peoples have requested that the UN Member States reach these objectives by 2015

The proposals for the Indigenous Millennium Objectives drawn up by the Indigenous Youth Conference at the Forum Barcelona 2004 are focused around nine themes: human rights; education; health; the situation of women; children and youth; development and poverty; intellectual property and land and the environment. The intention of the young representatives is for these objectives to be reached by 2015, the date in which the second International Decade of the Indigenous Peoples will come to an close.

Among the most important proposals are the United Nations' adoption of the declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples; educational programming with sufficient resources to develop their own forms of education, as well as their traditional languages and cultures; to assure the access of indigenous peoples to medical and health care; to include women in decision-making; to protect the land and natural resources of the indigenous peoples, as well as to help fight the effects of free trade and to guarantee the ownership on their land and resources; the protection of intellectual property and knowledge belonging to the traditions of the indigenous peoples to avoid illegal appropriation; the recovery of ecosystems in the lands of indigenous peoples that have been degraded by States and corporations.

At the moment it is estimated that there are three hundred million indigenous people in the world; nevertheless, the representatives of the young indigenous people do not believe this figure, because the statistics are provide by the same States that, in many cases, are not interested in the real numbers becoming known.