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22 / 07 / 2004
Closing session of the Forum dialogue "The role of corporations in the 21st century"

Today, July 22, at 6:30 pm the last session of the dialogue "The Role of Corporations in the 21st Century," the Dialogue being held at the Forum Convention Center since July 19, as part of the Globalization and Development block will be held

This evening, at 6:30 pm, in room 112 of the Convention Center the closing session of "The Role of Corporations in the 21st Century" entitled "Defining Business Leaders for the 21st Century" will take place.

└ngel Cabrera, representing the Institut dĺEmpresa Business School, Jordi Canals, general director of IESE Business School, Carlos Losada, general director of ESADE Business School, Luis Lada, CEO of Telefˇnica and JosÚ Ignacio Wert, director of corporate relations at BBVA, will participate in this session moderated by Jordi Oliveras, general director of the Forum Barcelona 2004.

At this final session participants will discuss new leaders, enterprises and commitments in a constantly changing global society, with new values within the business sector. They hope to discuss innovating practices and experiences in the field of social responsibility of corporations, creators of wealth and motors for social development. social.

The Dialogue "The Role of Corporations in the 21st Century" lays out the debate over corporations' positioning in a globalized economy that opens new questions that bring on new challenges and uncertainties as well as new opportunities.

The way companies are managed and operate is fundamental for society and means a responsibility beyond just doing business. The different Dialogue sessions reflected on the role of corporations in society, their relationship to public institutions and civil entities and the inevitable relationship between power that exists between large corporations and multinationals in regards to the state.