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The Forum legacy is not so much in the physical space that it gave back to the city. Rather, its main legacy is intangible. We find it in the agreements, in our learning about the "other," in the ideas, in the knowledge generated, in the declarations, and in the commitments.

pdfThe Barcelona Commitment
The community's declaration for fair, human, and sustainable development.

(PDF 226Kb)

pdfThe Barcelona Development Agenda
Economists from different countries proposed reforms to the world economic system to create a more just, solidarity-based economy.

(PDF 226Kb)

pdfAgenda 21 for culture
An undertaking by cities and local governments for cultural development

(PDF 45Kb)

pdfThe Summary of the Forum Legacy
The major agreements, commitments, declarations, new organizations, and manifestos that were developed at the Forum.

We are working to make a "Knowledge Bank" available to you shortly with all the documentation on the Forum Dialogues
What were the dialogues?
What where the dialogues?

People from different nationalities, cultures, different ages and religious beliefs met and debated in an ambience of diversity and respect. They have built common spaces of reflection and understanding, sharing their proposals and projects towards the construction of a diverse, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Presentation of the dialogues (PDF 215 Kb)

What was said in the dialogues? (PDF 68 Kb)

141 questionsQuotations
141 Questions

Every evening, the Forum offered visitors the chance to debate with an internationally recognized personality.

Key ressources
pdfUniversal Declaration of Human Rights
(PDF 184 Kb)

pdfHuman Development Report 2004
Cultural liberty in today ’s diverse world
(PDF 2,70 M)

pdfMillennium Declaration
Eight objectives specified by UN to end world poverty (PDF 72Kb)

pdfUNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity
(PDF 795Kb)
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